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Is your Kia lacking the power it used to have? Does your Kia idle roughly, miss, hesitate or buck? Do you smell a foul odor from the exhaust? Is your Kia check engine light on? These may all be symptoms that your Kia needs a tune up! At Best Source Import & Domestic Auto Parts, we carry a full line of KIA TUNE UP PARTS for all Kia models.

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Although most modern cars require a complete tune up only every 50,000 to 100,000 miles, if you drive hard or your car is a bit older, your Kia may need a tune-up more often. You should change your Kia's oil filter along with the oil about every 3,500 miles, or possibly longer depending upon the type of oil you use. Keeping your oil clean and full is the single most important thing you can do to keep your Kia running smooth and powerful for a long time, minimizing premature engine wear. If you car is failing your state emissions requirements, or has a foul smelling exhaust, you may need a new catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. Driving hard may also cause premature wear of your brake components, including brake pads and brake rotors. Our online auto parts store carries a full line of OEM (original equipment Manufacturer) and aftermarket parts for your Kia, helping the home mechanic tune up his or her own car, with auto parts delivered quickly to your door. Next day delivery is available.

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